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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Manager's Handbook: 80+ Open Courseware Collections to Help You Be a Better Leader

By Jessica Merritt

Although becoming a leader may seem simple, the fact is that there's a lot of consideration that goes into management. You not only have to stay on top of your team, but make sure that you're fostering communication, growth and productivity. Here, we'll take a look at a number of high quality courses that will show you how to take care of these issues and more.


Get started with learning about management and leadership through these courses.

  1. Successful Management Techniques and Strategies: Check out this lecture to find out about techniques and strategies that you can implement in your work as a manager.
  2. Fundamentals of Management: This presentation offers lots of great information on management, efficiency, and leadership.
  3. Defying Gravity: In this course, you'll see how some leaders make the impossible possible.
  4. Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization: Learn how to put together a great team and organization through this course.
  5. Effective Leadership: Learn how to become a better leader with this presentation.
  6. Practical Leadership: Check out this course to see how individual students work to achieve improvements in their leadership.
  7. Leadership Mashups: Innovation: In this presentation, you'll learn how to improve yourself as a leader through mashups.
  8. Issue Management: This presentation will help you understand how to tackle management issue by issue.
  9. Understanding management: Get a good look at what exactly management means with this course.
  10. Management vs. Leadership: This presentation describes the differences between management and leadership.
  11. Change management: Use this course to learn how you can effectively manage in times of change.
  12. Leadership and Agility: In this course, you'll learn what it means to be a flexible, agile leader.
  13. The Toyota Way-14 Management Principles: Check out this presentation to see how Toyota handles management.


These courses will teach you why your behavior is vitally important, and what you can do about it.

  1. Emotional Intelligence: In this course, you'll learn about how to better understand the emotions of your team.
  2. The Importance of Self Analysis for the School/Community Leader: See why it's vitally important to self-analyze.
  3. Making decisions: Learn more about the process of decision making in this course.
  4. Leadership and Management Skills: This presentation covers a number of different traits and skills necessary to successful management.
  5. Eight Leader Behaviors that Increase Motivation, Morale, and Performance...and One that Won't: Here you'll learn about important behaviors that every good manager should exhibit.
  6. Establishing Relationships with Other Professionals: Learn how to properly connect with other management professionals through this course.


Make sure that your communication skills are up to snuff using these courses.

  1. Communicating With Data: In this course, you'll learn how to use data when making management decisions.
  2. Internet Marketing Strategies: Log in to this course to learn how you can market online, from a manager's perspective.
  3. Marketing communications as a strategic function: Help define your organization through effective management of marketing.
  4. How to Conduct a Meeting in an Intercultural Setting: Learn how to properly execute a meeting among different cultures.
  5. Business communications in the age of spin: This course will ask you to consider how deceptive communication can have an effect on business.
  6. Dynamic Leadership" Using Improvisation in Business: Check out this course to learn how you can use improvisational techniques in management.


These courses will ask you to take cultural issues into your leadership consideration.

  1. Cross-Cultural Leadership: Consider the way leadership is effected by many different cultures in this course.
  2. Introduction to Business Cultures: In this course, you'll learn how different companies and organizations are different from one another.
  3. Managing local practices in global contexts: See how you can practice management with a global view using this course.


A major part of leadership is ensuring that your organization's money is spent wisely, and these courses will help you do so.

  1. Financial Accounting Principles: Check out this course to learn the essentials of accounting for managers.
  2. Managerial Economics: Prepare yourself for managing finance in your team with this course.
  3. Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations: In this accounting course, you'll learn how to deal with finance like a government or nonprofit leader.
  4. Business Purchasing: strategy and practices: Check out this course to learn how to effectively manage purchases.
  5. Advanced Microeconomics: Check out this course for a more in-depth look at macroeconomics.
  6. Applied econometrics: Learn how to collect and use "econometrics" in management.
  7. Principles and Practices of Fundraising: Learn important details that you'll need to know when operating a fund-raising campaign.
  8. Macroeconomics for Managers: Get a broad look at macroeconomic theory and policy as it relates to management.
  9. Managerial Accounting: Learn all of the important accounting concepts you need to know about as an effective manager.
  10. Managerial Finance: Consider all of the important financial decisions you have to make as a manager with this course.
  11. Advanced Microeconomics: Check out this course to get a better understanding of microeconomics for business.


These courses will show you how to be an ultra-efficient manager.

  1. Internet and Integrated Productivity Software for Managers: In this course, you'll get a good look at productivity tools that you and your team have available to use.
  2. Time Management: This presentation will help you get control of your time management.
  3. Simulation for Management Decision Making: This course explores how you can make managerial decisions using simulation models.
  4. Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness: Learn how to deal with emergencies that may arise for you as a manager.


Without a team, you're not a leader, so learn how to properly deal with people through these courses.

  1. Product Design and Development: Learn about team interaction in this course that requires different teams to collaborate and create a product design.
  2. Leadership Development: In this course, you'll consider group dynamics and leadership.
  3. Building and Leading Effective Teams: This course will show you how to develop team skills.
  4. Managerial Psychology: Here you'll learn about psychology and organizational theory as it relates to management.
  5. Does attractiveness rule the world?: Find out if it's important to be an attractive leader to be effective.
  6. Power Play: Check out this course to learn how power affects our lives and relationships.
  7. Working Knowledge: Employee Innovation and the Rise of Corporate Intellectual Property, 1800-1930: See how companies have dealt with intellectual property in the past, and consider how you can handle it in your own organization.
  8. Leading Organizations: Check out this course to get a look at how human processes have an effect on organizations.
  9. Human resources: recruitment and selection: Get valuable information about hiring new employees in this course.
  10. Making and using rules: Learn how to create, interpret, and apply rules in this course.
  11. Does investing in excellence pay?: Consider how important it is to hire excellent employees through this course.
  12. Managing relationships: Learn how to effectively manage relationships when taking part in fundraising efforts.
  13. Giving and Receiving Feedback: In this course, you'll see how to effectively give feedback to team members.
  14. Business relationships-do they count anymore?: Visit this course to consider how important relationships are to management.
  15. Human Resource Management: Learn how to effectively manage the people in your team with this course.
  16. Choosing people-the ultimate talent?: In this course, you'll consider the importance of properly assembling your team.
  17. Training and Human Resources Development: Learn how to address needs through proper training in this course.


Learn how to properly build your management strategy with these courses.

  1. Strategic Management: In this course, you'll learn about analytical approaches and strategic practices.
  2. Strategic view of performance: Take these approaches in your management strategy.
  3. Business strategies and competition: Consider the use of strategy and competition in this course.
  4. Management Strategy: Check out this course to learn more about management strategy and relationships.


These courses will ask you to take ethics into account in management.

  1. Literature, Ethics and Authority: Take a look at stories to consider how your authority intersects with ethics.
  2. Business Ethics: Study ethical theory and consider ethical leadership in a corporate environment with this course.
  3. The Case for Sustainable Business: Learn why it's important to operate your business in a sustainable way.
  4. Corporate Governance: In this course, you'll learn all about ethics in corporations.
  5. Creating an ethical organization: This course will show you how to take a more "human-centered" approach to management.


Part of being a manager is knowing how to properly handle projects, and these courses will teach you how to do just that.

  1. Preparing a project: Take a look at this course to learn how to properly manage a project.
  2. Planning a project: Check out this course to see charts, estimation, and other skills necessary for planning a successful project.
  3. Managing projects through people: Learn the importance of properly managing people in a project with this course.
  4. Implementing the project: See how you can monitor and stay on top of project progress.
  5. Completing the project: In this course, you'll learn how to properly bring a project to a close.


In these courses, you'll learn how organizations work.

  1. Organizational Processes: Understand how organizational settings work so that you'll be able to properly analyze and manage them.
  2. Environmental factors and organizations: Learn how to be a more responsible manager with this course.
  3. Managing Organizational Change: In this course, you'll learn how to effectively deal with change in your group.
  4. People and Organizations: See how different organizations work, and get a look at some of the concepts and tools you can use as a manager.


Check out these courses for even more great management guidance.

  1. Management in Music: In this course, you'll learn the details of managing a music career.
  2. Analyzing the Leadership Behavior of School Principals: Take a look at leading a school to better understand how to be a good manager.
  3. Governance and management in the not-for-profit sector: See how management happens in nonprofits with this course.
  4. Finding information in business and management: In this course, you'll learn how to identify and properly use information in management.
  5. Competitive information and disinformation: Use this course to learn how to gather helpful information about your competition.

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